Tuesday, December 6, 2022

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About Us

At WK2B, our passion is helping people.  More specifically, helping people like you plan and achieve worthy goals.  We created GoalMind™ to help as many people as possible discover God's purposes for their lives and then equip them to pursue those goals in an organized way.  

We designed GoalMind™  as the flagship in a fleet of life management tools. 

So... What's a life management tool?

In the broadest sense, it's any tool, technique, product or service that puts scriptural truth to work to improve the lives of God's children - you.

What are you selling?

We currently offer three product/service groups:

  • GoalMind™ Software - The latest version of a biblically based goal setting, planning and priorities management tool created to help you think through, set, organize and achieve goals in all areas of your life.
  • Mental Renewal™ Audio Programs - Scripted audio programs designed to simplify and speed up the process of replacing less healthy thinking with biblically based alternatives.
  • Workshops, Seminars and Speaking Engagements - Our inagural Workshop, "The ABCs of Goal Setting in a Great Commandment Framework" demonstrates and teaches effective goal setting and achievement in concert with God's Will and individual life purposes.

We're committed to providing others and want your thoughts and opinions on that as well.

Perhaps a better question than "What's a life management tool?" is why life management tools?

In spite of some intense recent circumstances, thanks to in God and Jesus Christ - we've all got wonderful lives!

We want yours to be wonderful too!

And it can.

A wonderful life - just like the one Jimmy Stewart portrayed in Frank Capra's famous film of the same name.

Sadly, as we've visited churches and the people in them, we hear too little about how wonderful lives very often.

We do hear about:

how tough it is being a single parent

how anxious we are about the economy

how hopeless, depressing and unfair life seems sometimes

how angry we are about what's happening in America and the world


It breaks our hearts!


It's convicted us to figure out how to help our brothers and sisters get back on track to a joy filled existence characterized by hope and a purpose filled life.

Honestly.  If we can do it - anyone can!

Christ said clearly, "I came to make your joy complete" (John 15:9-13).

The partners at WK2B want this joy increasingly for ourselves and for all our brothers and sisters in Christ.

Hence, a business devoted to life management tools for christians.  Not that they're only available to Christians; rather because we don't want anybody wondering where the source of whatever's good and noble and excellent and praiseworthy in us comes from.

So why are we joyous?  What do we have that others don't?

A practical biblical perspective on faith and a growing body of life management tools.  Some we can share (like how to use God's word to rethink your life) and some we can't (like having parents whose love we never doubted or had the slightest reason to ever question) .

It's the life management tools we can share, the ones we can develop and deliver to whomever they may benefit, we're absolutely determined and committed to make available through this website, our products and services.

For the record, yes WK2B's a business, but most importantly - it's our calling.

Our calling to help the greatest number of people in the greatest amount at the least cost and most quickly.

We pray you'll check out the website, get some encouragement and and come back often as we prayerfully develop it into something that honors our Creator and helps fulfull His purposes in our lives and yours.

In Him,

The folks at WK2B

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