Tuesday, December 6, 2022

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What People Say

I've been listening to the Self Image Excellence CD and it's helped so much. I find I have more energy throughout the day as I listen to the CD's because I'm not exhausted from battling my negative, anxious thoughts. Some days it feels like I'm climbing up a muddy hill and keep slipping down. The CD's give me the foothold I need to continue the climb. They have truly been an answer to prayer! Thanks so much!

Gail S.

I am so excited to report that at almost 60 years old I was able to lose 7 pounds in 4 weeks.

Before listening to Eating Excellence I would eat sweets and chips and loved them but, now they taste like grease.

However, the most wonderful part of listening to the tapes has been that I am able to sleep all night naturally and wake in the morning well rested and with a clear mind.

Judy Spence

I thank the Lord for directing you all to step out in faith and meet a great need that I did not even know I had until listening to this CD. I have never heard anything like this.

This CD was a great encouragement and helped to direct my thoughts in a way that was so honoring to the Lord. It has helped me to make godly decisions.

Dan Cutchen

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