Tuesday, December 6, 2022

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Why We Do It

In the early 1970's the reality of Christ's personal sacrifice for my salvation led me to begin a long, applied journey into what success, achievement, personal development, self-improvement and human potential means to a Christian. 

Navigating through lots of "ism's", I arrived at the same conclusion as Solomon when he claimed "...it's all utterly meaningless" UNLESS it's done, pursued, focused on, for the desired benefit of God and within His Will.  Discovering that "UNLESS" made everything make sense:

  • God made me (and you) on purpose
  • God gave me (and you) an almost unlimited potential to learn, grow and achieve
  • God clearly loves me (and you) - otherwise why Jesus?
  • God clearly wants us to participate with Him in His plans - otherwise why did Christ do what he did and pray what he prayed (look at John 17)?
  • So... How then should I (and you) live?

There, things get a little more complicated, because there isn't just one answer - else, why are each of us so maddeningly unique?

By the early 1980's I'd done substantial research into goal setting and human potential and regularly amazed myself at how much I could get done and accomplish with a little discipline and organization.  Along the way, I discovered many tools and techniques that not only allowed me to dream and accomplish more - they allowed me the time to do the things I genuinely believed God designed especially for me.

Those discoveries compel me to share them with my brothers and sisters in Christ.  I'm convinced that God gave us these incredible bodies, minds and almost limitless resources so that we might stretch ourselves throughout our lifetimes in preparation for even better things to come.

Ever since I discovered and began successfully using self-talk to get myself into a better job in 1980, then used it to quit smoking in 1990 - I've wanted to share it and other tools with you (my brothers and sisters in Christ).

II'm sure there are lots of competitors with their own goal setting tools and techniques, but I'm personally challenged to be a little suspicious of anyone (or anything ) who isn't willing to openly acknowledge Christ as their savior (whether He is or isn't) or seem to try hard enough (in my book) to stick to Biblical truth in their lives and businesses.

My partners and I at WK2B are sure you're just as concerned as we are about what you repeatedly allow into your mind.  We're so concerned we wanted to produce "life tools" that you and your children ca be confident will honor God and build you up in His service.

We believe so strongly in the vision, we've put our families and careers on the line to pursue and develop His will for our lives.

It's not as easy as it sounds, but it's infinitely rewarding.  It's not as fast as we'd like, but it's a joyful pursuit.  And it's time we Christians started accepting the forgiveness God promised and delivered and begin cultivating our Godly greatness.

I for one, believe God's counting on me and my partners.

Won't you join us?

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