Sunday, October 04, 2015

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Products and Services

WK2B, LLC markets its products and services using the GoalMind™ brand.

You may expect all WK2B (GoalMind™) products and services to be:

  • Created to honor God
  • Of exceptional quality and value
  • Useful for managing your life

You have our word that we use all the products and services ourselves and believe in them equivocally.

If you find anything that:

  • Doesn’t do what it ought to do,
  • Does do what it shouldn’t,
  • Irks you, puzzles you, frustrates or pleases you,
  • Seems at odds with Biblical truth…

Call or email and let us know. We want to correct it!


We sincerely desire to equip our brothers and sisters in Christ with tools for managing life.

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