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 What's the Secret to Developing Real Self Esteem?

The Secret is Self Talk...straight from the Bible.

“I was running errands with my daughter Kally in the car one day.  We were listening to your CD when she first heard the Self-Image Renewal program.  We listened in silence for a few miles when she suddenly perked up and got this great big smile on her face and said, “Mommy, that makes my brain feel good!”  On another occasion, as I was trying to describe the "music" I was about to play for us, she brightened up and said, “Oh yeah Mommy, that’s the one that makes my heart feel pretty!”  Thanks so much for your program.  My four year old daughter and I can both listen to it.  I’ve even been letting my mom, who’s in hospice, listen to it because I know how much she loves the Bible."

– Ginger Richardson

"The most wonderful part of listening to the tapes has been that I am able to sleep all night naturally and wake in the morning well rested and with a clear mind."

-Judy Spence

"This CD was a great encouragement and helped to direct my thoughts in a way that was so honoring to the Lord. It has helped me to make godly decisions."

-Dan Cutchen

I've been listening to the Self Image Renewal CD and it's helped so much. I find I have more energy throughout the day as I listen to the CD's because I'm not exhausted from battling my negative, anxious thoughts. Some days it feels like I'm climbing up a muddy hill and keep slipping down. The CD's give me the foothold I need to continue the climb. They have truly been an answer to prayer! Thanks so much!

-Gail S.

That’s right. Self talk. The things you silently tell yourself: From mindless cliché’s you picked up as a child to success or failure patterns you’ve drilled into your subconscious thousands of times over the years:

  • “I’m good at this; terrible at that”
  • “I get the flu every year…”
  • “I’m healthy, wealthy, wise…”
  • “I might as well just quit…”
  • “Why can’t I stop myself from doing the same thing over and over and over again?”
  • "I think I can.  I think I can.  I think I can..."

When you accidentally hit your thumb with a hammer, do you simply say, “Ouch, that was a mistake”? Or, do you rail at yourself for being clumsy, inept, terrible at everything you do? That inner “self talk” reflects your self image, and the self image you project determines your self esteem. Healthy self image produces healthy self esteem. Poor self image produces poor self esteem. And poor self esteem leads to a great, long list of ills and bad results.

Where Did I Get My Self Image?

Chances are your self image grew entirely by accident. At least accidentally as far as you were concerned. You picked it up a little at a time listening to what other said about you, by comparing yourself to others and by judging youself based on the values of people you respected and wanted to emulate.  Your parents or childhood mentors certainly helped you with it, but most of us never give our self image a thought until it gets in the way of our goals and dreams and causes life to become more and more difficult to handle.

If you’re having a rough time of it. If you feel like screaming, “I’ve had enough! I’m sick and tired of feeling like I just can’t do what I have to do. I’m worn out from slogging through this mind numbing frustration! I'm feeling helpless, angry and afraid to do things everyone else seems to do so effortlessly” - I’m gambling you’re ready to do something about it. I’m betting the future of my children that you’re ready to learn a new way of talking to yourself; a new set of scripts NOT based on hearsay and cliché, but based on truth and common sense.

I Don’t Like Myself And I Don’t Know What To Do About It

If you’re hurting and can’t think of anything good to say to yourself, I understand those feelings: They've plagued me horribly at certain times in my life. If you’re caught in a downward spiral and you just can’t think of anything good to say, I understand that too. I’ve been there. And honestly  –Whenever I’m stressed – the temptation to fall back to those self-defeating, guilt-ridden, mean spirited scripts raises its hand and screams to be noticed with a vengeance.

The only difference between then and now is this: I understand the problem and I know what to do about it.

The Problem is Self Image, and the Solution is Self Talk.

Not just any self talk though… Biblical self talk.

The Solution Is Closer Than You Think

You’re probably saying “Wait! How can scripture be self talk?” Isn’t scripture the Word of God? How can it be self talk?

Well, from what I’ve learned over the past twenty five years, scripture is the ONLY kind of self talk with the power to permanently overcome and replace poor self image with not just a better one – a truthful one. A self image built on the image your Creator shared with you in His Word.

How to Replace Your Negative Scripts with Scripture

The secret lies in a method I discovered which allows you to replace your internal, limiting, defeating scripts with affirming and uplifting scripture.

How I Proved the “Scripture Self Talk” Secret

Four years ago the bottom fell out of my entire personal world.

On December 9, 2004, my wife of 26 years suddenly died of complications from MRSA.

I was pitched into a blackness and despair I would never wish on anyone. Climbing out of that hole was excruciating.

But, as He often does, God used that experience. He transformed it. What the enemy meant for evil He turned to good. He gave me the tools and wisdom to help others who would someday go through the same heartbreak and the same loss of potential that accompanies poor self image or wounded self esteem.

Now, don’t get me wrong, for many months I thought I was getting nowhere. But suddenly, through the implementation of the “method” I hands seemed to grasp a rung of hope.

Then there was another rung above that

and another one above that.

Climbing the Healing

And do you know what those rungs were? They were scriptures turned around into self talk.

I had been using the concept of purposeful self talk for years. I’d taught it to friends and even included a tool in our goal setting program, GoalMind, so that others could build their own scripts. In fact, I had been searching for the most effective self-talk method for more than 20 years! I’d studied hypnosis, subliminal programming, psychocybernetics, metaphysics, “Superlearning”, and a few I’m not sure I can spell anymore. But I hadn’t found the secret I was looking for.

And when I first started my “method” I didn’t even realize that I had finally found what I was searching for all along...I was just repeating scripture because it was the only thing I had to hold onto!

My self image was shattered. My best friend, my lover, my business partner, the mother of my children, the woman who’d literally become the other half of me mentally, physically and spiritually was gone. I didn’t like myself; I was only half a person. I didn’t like what I was doing, because the person I did EVERYTHING with was gone.

I prayerfully asked God to reveal truth to me. I asked him to make me whole again and remind me how to see my present and future through His eyes.

And so He did. Matthew, Mark, Luke, John. Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians. Isaiah, Jeremiah, Psalms, Proverbs. Old Testament. New Testament. They each included bits and pieces of God’s of His most beloved creation – man. And most specifically – me.

I read a lot and made notes every time I ran across a scripture that spoke to me about who I am in God’s eyes. I began to read them to myself in the first person, to heighten their impact.

Then slowly - but very surely - I began to notice a remarkable and astounding change...

  • I used to be afraid of being alone...but suddenly I was peaceful and enjoyed “being myself” again.
  • I used to stumble around in a fog of grief and depression...but suddenly the haze began to lift and my path became clear
  • I used to hate thinking about the future...but suddenly my whole outlook began to grow brighter each day

My Pastor Asked, “Are You on Medication?”

One day my pastor Mike and I were having coffee when he stopped and said, “What’s gotten into you lately? I don’t see how you’re getting along so well. Are you on anti-depressants or something?”

When I told him my “secret”, he said he didn’t think most people would go to all the trouble to experiment like I had, and insisted that I record the “scripts” I had developed and the instructions for how to use that some church friends who were suffering from depression could try them out.

This simple little CD that I made on my home computer started getting passed around to like a beach ball at a concert - a beach ball that brought healing to everyone who put it into “play”.

What’s the Secret?

I call my method Mental Renewal™. You probably know Romans 12:2 right?

"Do not be conformed any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind."

Now, I had known and even memorized that scripture since I was a boy, but I never really understood exactly HOW one accomplished this “renewal” until I found my method.

What I discovered was a way to adapt scripture into self talk – a way to replace negative thoughts and feelings with God’s life-changing, mind-transforming words.

Self Image Excellence is two full CDs of Biblically based self talk designed to change the negative thoughts that run through your head during tough times and replace them with truths straight out of the Bible.

Just a Few Minutes a Day Is All It Requires

Just pop these CDs into your car stereo on the way to work...listen to them over your lunch hour...or make them part of your morning “quiet time”’s easy, simple and fun. (And the included workbook shows you how to get the most of out of the program, based on your personal “learning style”).

Just a few, short exercises per day

  • No tests
  • No hypnosis
  • No therapists

...and No Risk...

Your Friends Will Notice...or Your Money Back

My Promise: If you listen to the CDs for 30 minutes every day and follow the instructions in the manual we’ll provide you, for at least 30 days, I PROMISE that you will begin to feel dramatic improvement... your self esteem will lift… you’ll feel better about yourself and your future… you’ll have more confidence… you’ll have more peace of mind… your stress will be relieved... your depression will be lifted... your grief will be lessened... your anxiety will be soothed... so much that your friends will compliment you...or I will gladly refund your money. Just return the CD within 45 days of its delivery to you and we'll mail you a check.

In addition to the CDs and the workbook, you’ll also get...

Bonus #1: Free one-month membership to the Beyond The Mountaintop Club that includes lots of Mental Renewal tips, members only training opportunities, group phone sessions and a bimonthly Newsletter full of encouraging stories and helpful tips to get the most out of this growth and healing program...$9.95 value

Bonus #2: Free immediate download of “21 Secrets to Mental Renewal” (in pdf format) of my quick, supplemental guide to the Mental Renewal program...a $49.99 value
And, exclusively for the first 25 who respond...

Bonus #3: Free download of GoalMind™ software. Based on timeless wisdom and proven techniques for success, GoalMind™ is powerfully and carefully crafted to guide you through all phases of achievement. GoalMind is a God-focused, Bible-based collection of the very best goal setting and achievement materials that you can put to work for your personal and career success...a 199.95 value!!
And, for the first 10 who respond, you’ll also get

Bonus #4: Free 20 Minute “Jump Start” coaching session, LIVE, with me, Bruce Brinick. You can ask me about any specific issue you are struggling with and in just 20 minutes I’ll get you on your way to achieving the maximum benefit and healing out of your Mental Renewal program… a $50.00 Value!

Over $350.00 worth of tools and insights for only $189.95.


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