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GoalMind™ Software

If you're serious about discovering God's specific plans for you and then pursuing your purpose with energy and discipline, you owe it to yourself to try GoalMind™!  GoalMind™ helps you feel good about your goals and objectives and ultimately about yourself by guiding you through important questions that tap into your deepest underlying motives and then linking your best thoughts and self image to your goals and activity plans.

GoalMind™ puts a God focused, Bible based collection of the very best goal setting and achievement "How To" materials to work for your personal success in all the important areas of your life including your:

  • Spirit
  • Family
  • Health and Fitness
  • Career
  • Community
  • Finances
  • Or any other area of life that's important to you

As you enter and consider each goal, GoalMind™ guides you with challenging questions reinforced by Biblical and experientially sound wisdom so that you may get and stay spiritully aligned with truth and more energetically pursue your goals with confidence and persistence.  Imagine yourself free to pursue your goals without doubt, without second guessing whether they're the right goals for you or not and put all your mental and physical energy into their accomplishment.  That's what GoalMind™ does for you.  It points you at the truth and the truth then sets you free.

GoalMind™ is unique in its Biblically based approach to goal setting and activity management.  You'll find no other goals, time management, priorities management or "success system" like GoalMind™.  What sets GoalMind™ apart from other goal setting tools is its up front and pervasive inclusion of God in everything related to success and achievement.  No other planning tool unashamedly puts God, Jesus Christ and Biblical truth at the forefront of its goal setting and goal planning processes. 

We designed GoalMind™ from the very start to support the core belief that God created each of us uniquely, carefully and purposefully. It presumes Christ’s most fundamental mission, “Do my Father’s Work” is your work and my work too.  Doing God's Will literally feeds your immortal soul.

Simply put - if you become the richest person in the world or solve the biggest problem you know of AND you're outside God's Will - you blew it!

If you want to love God with all your heart, all your mind, all your soul and all your strength, want to achieve more with the life He’s loaned you, OR you’re just sick and tired of your back of the napkin/loose leaf/matchbook organization (and won’t mind a little scripture on each screen),  try GoalMind™!

The goal planning, goal setting and goal achievement processes in GoalMind™ rely on timeless wisdom and proven techniques for success.  GoalMind™ is powerfully and carefully crafted to guide you through all phases of introspection, thinking, planning, priority management and achievement - From wishes and daydreams through discernment, then planning and on to concrete accomplishments, happiness and an enduring sense of self-fulfillment.

GoalMind™ Personal Edition currently uses Microsoft Access™ as its operating engine. You may run GoalMind™ with your existing Access™ 2007 software or you may download a free runtime version of the database engine when you acquire GoalMind™.

And it's so much more than just software!  All GoalMind™  products ship with more than three thousand quotations, affirmations, and useful resource links that would take you years to discover and research on your own.  We can say this reliably because the content represents thirty years of careful review, filtering and compilation.  And you may add all your own content, too!  Everthing you want or need to stay focused, organized, motivated and persistent in one place!

Conceptually, GoalMind™ organizes goal setting and self-awareness processes into seven key parts:

  • Basics – Principles, prayers, ideas, values, etc. that affect or apply to all your goals,
  • Goals – The specific written things you plan to accomplish,
  • To Dos – Things you want to do to achieve your goals,
  • Goal Setting Help – A tutorial and workshop designed to teach you how to set and evaluate your goals within a Godly framework,
  • Journal – A place to keep a diary
  • Reports – For reviewing and printing everything you’ve stored in GoalMind™
  • Search – A powerful tool for finding anything you’ve saved in GoalMind™  

From the main GoalMind™ menu, the left hand Basics Button navigates you to a:

  • Self-talk (affirmations) editor/organizer
  • Resources editor/organizer
  • Prayer Journal
  • Quotations Editor/Organizer
  • Aptitudes Definitions and Personal Aptitudes Ranking tool
  • Spiritual Gifts Definitions and Personal Ranking tool
  • Values Definitions and Personal Ranking tool
  • Fundamentals Definitions and Personal Meaning tool
  • Database of motivational and inspirational stories
  • Master Resources database

The Goals Button allows you to:

  • Review and edit your Goals List
  • Drill into each goal and work with Goal Related:
  • Benefits (Your good reasons for pursuing your goal),
  • Tests (Questions and Answers to help you align your goals internally and externally),
  • Self Talk (Things you can say to yourself to propel you more quickly to achievement),
  • Milestones (The markers you’ll use to measure your goal achievement progress),
  • Visualizations (You mental picture of achieving your goal),
  • Challenges (The inevitable roadblocks, surprises and setbacks you must overcome for achievement),
  • Actions (All the things you did, will do, may do and consider doing to achieve your goal),
  • Resources (Links to all the books, websites, articles, essays, lists, etc. you used and want to use to achieve your goals),
  • Progress (An achievement journal),
  • Reporting (A tool for organizing, reviewing and sharing goal components in a structured fashion),
  • To Dos (All the tasks, ideas, strategies and actions that remain to do or consider for your goal)
  • Prayers (Specific instances of thanks, requests, praises and confessions related to your goal), and
  • Documents (A tool for linking goal related work items into your goal achievement process)

The To Dos Button navigates you to a Master Task List that:

  • Includes all the goals and priorities you want to manage with GoalMind™,
  • Allows you to sort, filter, prioritize, reprioritize, slice and dice your To Dos whichever way works best for you  

The Goal Setting Help Button walks you through a guided exercise where you begin with a list of wishes and end with a set of well-defined goals you’re committed to pursue and accomplish.

The Journal Button takes you to a personal diary tool.

The Reports Button navigates you to a powerful data retrieval and reporting tool.

The Search Button allows you to search everything in GoalMind™ with a keyword or phrase of your choosing.

GoalMind™ also allows advanced users to tailor all the category tables to suit your personal goal setting and achievement vocabulary.

The latest available version, GoalMind™ 2010, includes a new goal, "(Start Here) 1Learn and Use GoalMind" that demonstrates all the major features and functions you may use to think about, set and plan your goals.  The Documents button points you to twenty-five workshop courses used to teach advanced goal setting skills in the "ABCs of Goal Setting in a Great Commandments Framework".

Try it today.  You have nothing to lose and much to gain.  GoalMind™ 2010, like all of WK2B's products, comes with an unconditional money back guarantee.

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