Tuesday, December 6, 2022

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How GoalMind™ Works

GoalMind™ helps you take all the ideas, strategies, To dos, pieces and parts you need to take a wish list and refine it into an organized collection of internally consistent, meaningful goals.  All within a framework of loving God with all your heart, mind, body and spirit.  It also helps you keep up with all the resources and motivational materials you'll want to keep yourself up, focused and determined to accomplish your goal.

At its core, GoalMind™ uses a local MS Access™ database to keep up with as many goals and related items as you've got hard disk space and the desire to tackle.  You may look at all your goals in an organized list or drill progressively into each goal to manage and work with its components.

There's also a step-by-step tutorial that walks you through the process of creating a wish list, rough ranking the list, determining which ones you can actually measure and which ones you're passionate about.  It then walks you through a series of probing questions to help you decide whether your goals are internally consistent, in line with God's law and His specific plans for you.

Once you've created an initial set of goals, GoalMind™ helps you organize and manage the tasks, milestones, strategies, resources, motivators, challenges and a host of other items designed to help you get and stay focused on goal achieving priorites.

Along with the directly related goals and priorities management features, GoalMind™ stores and organizes your motivational quotations, prayers, snippets of self-talk, documents, resources, and self-analysis questionairres.

GoalMind™ isn't just about setting and achieving goals, though it's very good at that.  It's about helping your discover God's specific purposes for your life and then helping you honor God with everything you do.

The Basics area of GoalMind™ includes an impressive collection of Spiritual Gifts, Aptitudes, Fundamentals, Values and Prayers to help you discern and learn your natural strengths and weaknesses.  The sample goal provided to demonstrate GoalMind™'s capabilities includes full copies of the workshop materials used to teach participants how to evaluate many dimensions of their personal makeups, how to look for and change less than optimal habits, set priorities, make time consider what's most important in their lives. 

GoalMind™ is truly unique.  The scripture we carefully included on every screen in the program constantly reminds you about what's MOST important.  You'll have to work REALLY hard to forget that you're doing what you're doing for God's glory and to fulfill the purposes He intends for you.


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