Tuesday, December 6, 2022

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What People Say

Thank you for your help this week. I am working my way through your program, did as you suggested and put in a goal, then went through the "goal test" to consider the questions. Very good. 

As I mentioned to you, in 1979 I purchased another goal-setting program and used it diligently. The skills from that experience served me well for many years, but when it dawned on me recently that I have achieved all my major life goals and had better set about defining new goals, the idea of jumping back into a secular mindset of goal setting seemed repulsive. Not that the tenets of these secular programs are not valid in a secular setting. They just don't fit that well when the underlying goal is to be an obedient servant of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. 
Thank God (and I mean that literally) I found your website and program.
R. Lueck

"I am impressed with the work and thought that you have put into your software package. Thanks for your assistance."


"I'm excited to learn how to use GoalMind and apply them. You're indeed a blessing! I pray that God would continually bless your ministry, your family and career as well. I'd like to share this program with my friends so they too can try and experience GoalMind. More power to your ministry!"


"Thank you so much for GoalMind. I have only just downloaded the program and have not used it yet but i can already see the huge potential that it offers."

JS (U.K.)

"Kiitos postistasi! Tack för din e-post! Thank You for Your Mail!"

AR (Finland)

"Cool! Will tell my friends about it. And may you and team continue to prosper in the Lord."


"Time is really a limited commodity these days, but, you might like to know, I do spend considerable amount of time playing with the software, for I know that at it's core is the fundamental belief that without God, we are like feathers floating about with every slightest wind... GoalMind helps me to really look at myself, my values, my goals and ambitions, and challenges me to reflect on all the things I need to reflect upon to accomplish Godly goals and a God inspired mission."


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