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What You Get!

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Blessings and welcome.  We've been working on the GoalMind™ concept since 1984, and on GoalMind™ software since 1994.  GoalMind™ is loaded with benefits.  The latest version, GoalMind™ 2010, is a powerful, truth-based tool set that's stood the test of time and adversity.

Benefits - GoalMind™ will help you in a number of ways.  Specifically, it will:

  • give you step-by-step instructions for creating and pursuing a godly "bucket list"
  • guide and instruct you in every facet of goal setting and achievement
  • inspire you
  • motivate you
  • challenge you
  • counsel you
  • encourage you
  • coach you with the best wisdom available
  • help you get and stay organized
  • help you choose and clarify your core values
  • make you feel good about yourself and your goals
  • help you focus your efforts on what’s most important
  • help you get to know yourself – strengths, weaknesses, warts and all
  • Show you the real meaning of success and how to get it
  • help you develop and command the respect and admiration of your family, friends, co-workers and employers
  • keep you aware that God’s Word belongs in everything you do
  • help free you from the tyranny of urgency
  • help you stay on top of what you need to accomplish
  • remind you of the importance of balance and help you identify its presence or absence in your life
  • enable you to rest in the knowledge that even when you’re interrupted – you can pick up with your goals where you left off barely missing a step
  • help build your self-confidence
  • help you develop a Godly self-image
  • help remind you of your inestimable value and worth in God's kingdom plan

Features - GoalMind™ 2010 ships with:

  • A new, comprehensive manual indexed to help you discover all the power built into the tool
  • 1284 Affirmations (specific pieces of healthy self-talk)
  • 15 Aptitudes, their definitions, examples of each in a self-assessment format
  • 61 Fundamentals (principles on which to build a Godly life)
  • 86 Prayers (Primarily prayers of gratitude to give you a head start on your own "Gratitude List"
  • 1622 Quotations organized by author
  • 250 Resources (web sites, lists, books, audio programs, and more) personally reviewed, used and recommended by GoalMind's author in his goal-setting pursuits
  • 1 Self Test designed to walk you through many of the life-management resources available within GoalMind
  • 26 Spiritual Gift candidates, their definitions, Biblical citations, examples and place to record what's personally significant about each to you
  • 319 Stories that inspire, motivate and often illuminate and demonstrate core values
  • 205 values, their definitions, examples and end-game objectives that result from pursuing each value
  • A Master Goals List tool
  • A Goal Setting Tutorial
  • A Master To Dos list tool that crosses all goal boundaries
  • An ability to synchronize certain items with Microsoft Outlook
  • 6 stock goals included to provide examples of how you may want to use GoalMind™.  One of the goals, "(Start Here)..." references 22 workshops that cover topics ranging from selecting core values to changing habits
  • The ability to add, change and delete almost anything included in GoalMind™
  • Our prayer for you that you discover, pursue and achieve all of God's purposes for your life.

If this isn't enough, email me at comments@goalmind.net and let's talk.

Who is GoalMind™ for?

GoalMind™ is for anyone serious about setting and achieving goals.  Men.  Women.  Young Adults – Mature Adults.  Novice Goal Setters.  Expert Goal Setters.  People who don’t believe in goals.  People who need more than a little motivation.  People who want to laugh.  People who want balance in their lives.  It’s especially useful if you're concerned about setting goals that align with Biblical truth and we're told its quite valuable for those who suffer with Attention Deficit Disorder, struggle with getting started on goals or you just want to get better organized.

In some ways GoalMind™ may occasionally resemble other daily planning systems or organizers.  However, it is fundamentally different in several key respects:

  1. GoalMind™ was designed specifically to help you set and accomplish increasingly ambitious goals within a framework of Christ honoring, biblical life planning and management.
  2. GoalMind™ puts God first and will remind you throughtout each use that doing God's will is what life is all about.

Anything you want to think, be, do or have, or a direction in life you want to pursue can be a goal. However, not everything you can do is of kingdom value.  

Here again, GoalMind is different.

GoalMind™ guides you through a well-tested, time-proven process to identify, test, think through, plan and achieve godly goals.  An essential purpose includes testing and aligning goals with God’s plan for your life.  Built on the premise that God made you uniquely, wonderfully and purposefully, GoalMind™ contains basic and advanced goal setting guidance, counsel and techniques intended to empower you to follow Christ’s example to do God’s work.

Who Should Avoid GoalMind™?

We genuinely believe GoalMind™ has something valuable for everyone.  However – if you:

  • Don’t want to keep up with your promises
  • Don’t want to be honest with yourself
  • Enjoy feeling sorry for yourself
  • Don’t want to set goals
  • Don’t want to get organized
  • Like to start every day as if it’s your first day on earth
  • Don’t believe in planning
  • Genuinely don’t want to try and learn a different To Dos management method
  • Are perfectly satisfied with every aspect of your life
  • Get frustrated easily (with pride)
  • Believe you can “name it and claim it”
  • Remain convinced that there is “A Secret” to success…

GoalMind™ probably isn’t for you.

GoalMind™ includes tools to help you identify your spiritual gifts, aptitudes, personal values, core beliefs, important roles and areas of life.  It also includes supporting tools for identifying and taking advantage of motivational resources.  Motivational resources include prayers, stories, quotations, self-talk, foundational ideas, self-tests, books, tapes, web sites and other resources to help focus mental and spiritual energy on the things that are most important contributors to the accomplishment of the goals you may establish.  The tool also includes reports and techniques that lend themselves to use with other available time, life and project management processes and tools.

Please let us know what you think!

We're working as hard and fast as we can so I won't promise to reply quickly or even at all in some cases, but I will promise you this:

If you write or call or email, I'll review and consider everything you say.

If you share your name, email or address and/or phone - we won't sell it, abuse it, or use it in any way other than to carry on a person to person dialog without your express permission.

Thanks in advance for you patience and trust.


In Him,

Bruce Brinick (click my name to send me an email)

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