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 21 Secrets of Mental Renewal

The more I work with people to discover their passions, pursue their goals, discover and accomplish God's purposes for their lives, the more I'm amazed by how much and how easily we human beings limit ourselves by automatic, unreviewed thoughts.  When I dwell on all the plans God created for us that aren't getting done, and all the joy that's being missed because of these self-limiting beliefs - my heart breaks.

There's good news though.  You can change your self-limiting beliefs.  Often, just by realizing how they work.

For years, I've coached, consulted, taught Sunday School and worked with thousands of people - helping them get what they want within God's Will. Individuals generally fall into one of two broad groups:

  • One group regularly writes out and reviews their goals.  People in this group are usually optimistic about life and typically want to find out how to get to the next level, how to get "unstuck" or avoid getting stuck at all.  They want to serve God with their gifts, talents and aptitudes, and believe they know what they want; they just don't know exactly how to get it.
  • The other group may or may not write and review their goals, but they're typically unhappy and see themselves as leading unfulfilled lives.  They too want more from life, but they're fearful, frustrated, angry, depressed, anxious, or confused, and typically have done little with the gifts, talents and drive God built into them.  Some have never even tried goal setting.  Others had tried and given up out of sheer frustration and exhaustion.  Regardless - they they're not clear about what they want and don't know what to do about it.

Regardless of which group they were in and whether they learned it from me or not, most of the people I've worked with have used what I'm about to share with you to turn their lives into a much more victorious pursuit than they'd allowed themselves to believe possible.  Not that goal setting or life is necessarily easy.  It isn't.  Nor, that all goals get accomplished.  They don't. However, without what I'm about to share with you - goal setting and life can become impossible.  What I'm about to share with you are thoughts, patterns and techniques that can make a huge difference in achieving or failing to achieve your goals and Godly potential.

If you're dissatisfied with your life or any part of it, you may be able to turn things around with some easy to understand and simple to follow wisdom about what to embrace and what to avoid in your thought life.  As I've tried and failed, tried and achieved I've noticed twenty-one common thinking patterns that either help or prevent people from achieving their goals.  They're so common and yet so often unrecognized - I've assembled them into a list I call "The 21 Secrets of Mental Renewal".

One of my personal goals is to get these twenty-one "secrets" into the hands of as many Christians as quickly as possible.  You might call it one of my passions or "a calling".  Regardless, if you don't already know and use these "secrets", I can guarantee you're not achieving nearly as much as you will once you put them into practice.

I share the simple list of 21 Secrets with all my coaching clients, and offer them free on this web site.  However - I've discovered that many people find the "secrets" counter-intuitive. If no one's ever shared them with you or shown you how they operate in your own life, the secrets may not make much sense.  It's for this reason I'm following Christ's example by introducing each secret with a story in the hopes that the stories will make the practicality of each secret more useful and easier to remember.  At some point in the future, I plan to expand the secrets even more fully in a book because each secret is so powerful and has so many implications.  In the book, I plan to share not only the secrets and the stories; I plan to share the science and scripture beneath each one.

If you'd like to kick your life up a notch, you may sign-up to get the secrets and the stories right here.

When you do sign up, I'll deliver the 21 secrets and stories to you over the next 7 weeks or so.  I hope you'll enjoy the stories about how I discovered the 21 secrets, but more importantly - I pray you'll put them to work in your life for your own well-being and God's glory.   I wrote the stories to entertain and encourage you.  They're all true except a few people's names.  But there's more to them than simple entertainment - they'll teach you how to recognize and train your thought processes to cure mis-thinking AND missed-thinking and put Paul's instruction to "transform yourself by the renewing of your minds" to work for God's kingdom and you.

What you think about most you tend to become.  This series is about preparing your mind for Kingdom work!


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