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100 % Money Back Guarantee
If you aren't completely satisfied, get a full refund for 6 months!!

How It Works

Mental Renewal™ programs use carefully researched, repetitive self talk to deliver biblical truth that overcomes, replaces and permanently changes destructive and self limiting thinking at your core belief level.
Mental Renewal™ programs accomplish permanent change by delivering first-person "I am" statements that:

  • Relax and prepare your mind for optimal learning
  • Diffuse and undo existing, destructive thought habits, and
  • Instill biblical, healthy replacement thoughts...
  • about the subject matter addressed.


Research in accelerated learning, neuroscience, musicology, psychology and neuropsychology beginning in the late 1950s and continuing through the present - confirms that our brains are much more teachable and resilient than previously thought.  What's more, our learning environment contributes greatly to or detracts greatly from the effectiveness and permanency of material we want to learn.
Most importantly to you, habitual thoughts control habitual behaviors. How you eat, whether you exercise and to what extent, positive or negative thoughts about yourself and your circumstances all trace unquestionably to your repetitive self-talk.
You do what you think about most.  What you think about repeatedly becomes habit.
With this knowledge comes the "How To" needed to improve, create, replace and reverse habits!
According to noted accelerated learning, neuroscience and neuroscience researchers Bobbi DePorter, Dr. Richard Restak, Dr. Susan Greenfield - Any of your brain's 100 +/- billion neurons (brain cells) can potentially communicate with any other neuron by developing multiple linkages (called axons).  These linkages, once formed, are strengthened by repetition. From a behavior (what you do) point of view, this explains how you developed all your habits.
According to and many other noteable "brain experts", we've learned more about the brain and how it operate during the last ten years uncovered more about the brain and how it operates than all of history before then.
Applying what's been learned can radically speed up and enhance your ability to learn languages, create and change habits.
The inclusion of Biblical truth to the practical science forms the basis of the Mental Renewal™ audio programs.
More specifically, Mental Renewal™ audio programs build on the clinical successes of a branch of psychology called suggestopedia by first marrying its specific scripting, musical rhythm, and voice variation techniques with Biblical truth related to the subject matters addressed to replace errant though habits with truthful alternatives.
The basic principles are these:

  1. The mind operates best in a relaxed state of pleasant anticipation.
  2. Learning happens more quickly when delivered with a background of soothing music that rhythmically approximates your resting heart rate (about 60 beats per minute).
  3. Where habits are concerned, certain self-limiting core beliefs may require "unlearning" to enable establishing new thought habits.
  4. The "optimal learning state" exists naturally as you progress from fully awake (beta brain wave frequency) through pre-sleep (alpha brain wave frequency) to the varying stages of sleep.
  5. Your degree of acceptance and belief in the truthfulness, usefulness and integrity of the material presented enhances or detracts from the speed with which you memorize the material and pass it from cerebral cortex (the critical thinking part) to the basal ganglia (automatic behaviors, skills, etc. part) area of your mind.
  6. The greater the strength of your desire to reap the benefits of the new way of thinking, the more quickly and more deeply you will embed the new thoughts and consequent behavior.
  7. The longer you've practiced the habitual thinking/behavior - the more frequently you must "practice" its replacement before successful permanent behavior change occurs.
  8. The more emotion you associate with the desired change and the more different senses (sight, touch, smell, taste, hearing) you involve in the process the more fully you ingrain the changes.

As you listen to each Mental Renewal™ audio program you’ll begin to notice subtle changes in the way you think almost immediately.  Each program addresses a specific topic using carefully researched scriptures delivered using an accelerated learning technique called "Suggestopedic Learning" developed and validated by Georgi Lozanov.

With “Eating Excellence”, your thoughts will turn towards choosing healthier foods, conquering unhealthy eating habits, and considering how your Christian faith affects your eating choices.
With “Fitness Excellence”, you’ll begin embracing the benefits of exercise, assessing your fitness habits, and envisioning how a healthy lifestyle complements God’s plan for your life.
With “Self-Image Excellence", you’ll remind yourself of your identity in Christ, confront and replace negative self-perceptions, and apply the wisdom of Proverbs and other Biblical passages to the way you think about yourself.
Not only will you find yourself thinking about improving yourself – you’ll find yourself acting on those thoughts!
Because you're tackling the cause of problems instead of symptoms - you're success becomes a matter of time.
How To Get the Most out of Mental Renewal™ Audio Programs
To get the most from your Mental Renewal™ programs, listen to them as often as you’re able.
Repetition builds habits and new habits are what you’re after. The more you listen, the more firmly the scripts anchor themselves into your thinking habits.
For best results, pick a time when you’ve got about 45 minutes of uninterrupted time. Choose a quiet spot, get comfortable, relax, and then listen to a wind down track and one of the subject matter tracks.
You may want to do this as you tuck yourself in for the night.
You may even want to make it a family exercise and listen with your husband, wife, or children.
To accelerate desired changes, pick two or three most personally meaningful statements from the Audio Program. Write them out, by hand, on an index card each morning for a week and repeat them aloud to yourself three (or more) times daily.
Rewrite and say each statement aloud again each night before you go to sleep.
Pick new statements each week and repeat the process UNTIL the desired behavior and results become habit.
You’ll be amazed at the results!
Each CD contains five tracks:
1.     A wind down track (Relax)
2.     A subject matter track (Release)
3.     Another wind down track (Renew)
4.     Another subject matter track (Rebuild)
5.     A thank you message (Blessings)
It’s long been known that relaxing your mind and body speeds your ability to understand, learn, and accept new ideas; therefore, each subject matter track begins with a wind down track to slow you down and prepare you to acquire and anchor new information most effectively.
Be forewarned! The wind down track relaxes very effectively.
Some clients report falling asleep while listening to the Audio Programs. This is normal, predictable, and quite a bonus for some.
Others (people like me; for example), go wide-awake as we listen and scrutinize every word to be sure nobody snuck anything questionable into the programs. We do this until completely satisfied everything on the program’s legitimate, unassailable, desirable, and truthful.
Then we fall asleep too.
The jury’s out on whether you do or don’t, can or can’t learn while you’re deeply asleep.
But it doesn’t matter. Repetition does its work over time.
What you do hear before you drift into deep sleep goes right to work. What you don’t hear during one listen, you’ll pick up another time.
Slowly but surely, your mind “rewires itself.” 
Old ways of thinking about things and doing things fall away, and new healthy ideas turn into new healthy habits.
Voila - Permanent change! 
A word of caution - Because the tracks soothe so effectively, please don’t listen to them while you’re driving.  Or for that matter - doing anything that requires your full attention. Especially the wind down portions of the programs!
It won’t hurt to listen to them in your car – just understand their affect on you BEFORE you give them a try.
Finally - Remember:
You’ve got a six-month, unconditional, no questions asked, money back guarantee on every Mental Renewal Audio Program. If you don’t like it or it doesn’t work for you just let us know and we’ll take care of it.

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