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100 % Money Back Guarantee
If you aren't completely satisfied, get a full refund for 6 months!!

Mental Renewal - What You Get!

What you get WITH each Mental Renewal™ audio program

  • A scripted audio program recorded over gentle rain showers, breaking waves and relaxing music.
  • A six-month, unconditional, money-back guarantee.
  • A printed copy of the script used in the audio program.
  • Assurance of biblically trained scholars that the script deals with truth, and nothing but the truth.
  • A renewed way of thinking about your mind, body, and spirit from God’s perspective.

What you get ON each Mental Renewal™ audio program (Double CD sets include two of each track):

  1. A wind down track (Relax)
  2. A subject matter track (Release)
  3. Another wind down track (Renew)
  4. Another subject matter track (Rebuild)
  5. A thank you message (Blessings) 

What EVERYONE CAN EXPECT WHILE USING each Mental Renewal™ audio program:

  • A gradual shift in your “normal” thinking about and reaction to circumstances involving the subject – This may surprise you as the scripted self talk presents itself INSTEAD of or IN ADDITION TO your habitual thoughts.
  • A gradual change in your behaviors as they relate to the subject – You’ll begin to notice things that were REALLY a problem before becoming less so the more you listen.
  • Wind down tracks may put you to sleep – A good thing; shows the script does relax you.
  • Subject matter tracks may cause some mental discomfort or anxiety at first – Another good thing; the further your habitual thoughts from the script the greater the likelihood of discomfort (You DO want to grow don’t you?).

What SOME OF YOU CAN EXPECT WHILE USING each Mental Renewal™ audio program (your results will differ depending on):

1. Your uniqueness (For example):

If you’re a wise skeptic - you may have to convince yourself that what’s being suggested:

  • Will work at all, then
  • Decide for yourself if there’s anything dangerous or unhealthy about the process and the specific program, then
  • Decide for yourself whether it’s a good idea, then
  • Decide whether you want to cultivate the Biblical thinking that underlies Mental Renewal™

If you’re not really interested in renewing you mind – you’ll likely ignore Mental Renewal™ and keep thinking, doing and progressing (or not) the same way you always have
If you seriously want to become what the Mental Renewal™ subject matter can do for you, you’ll:

  • Use it
  • Study it
  • Embrace it
  • Discover it really can and does radically simplify the process of becoming a healthy thinker, then doer
  • Keep using it and begin a wonderful lifelong journey

The older you are, the longer you may expect the process to take – It took you a long time to get to where you are and it may take a while to get to where you want to be.  The more frequently you listen to and rehearse the material, the more quickly you'll see results!
Once you overcome skepticism and sincerely desire a (biblically based) healthier lifestyle - you’ll begin to notice pleasant changes almost immediately.
Some of our mature listeners admit wanting to throw the CDs against the wall at first because the self talk differs so radically from their current habitual thinking.  You may have the same reaction.  As you continue to listen though, the truth in the self talk will take root, the healthy thinking will begin to mature and you'll experience a turning point – the joyous deliverance from your old thinking habits to the new ones will kick in. From there, the benefits of your new biblical thinking begin manifesting themselves in your life and the lives of those around you.

2. How often you rehearse the statements, including:

  • Listening to the CDs
  • Reading the affirmations aloud to yourself
  • Writing the affirmations out
  • Thinking about the affirmations
  • Doing (or not doing) what the affirmations say and repeating the affirmations as you act


3. How you feel about the program subject, including:

  • Your desire and motivation to change
  • Your current level of frustration with the subject matter
  • Your level of trust in the method and our programs specifically
  • Your ability to relax and focus on the audio program

The background music may see boring after listening to it for a while – Unless you bought the programs for the music, this won't be a problem.  The music's purposefully "background" music designed to help you relax and absorb the spoken material more effectively WITHOUT taking center stage.

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