Tuesday, December 6, 2022

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Personal Coaching

Whether you're at the top of one game looking to get to the next level or frustrated because you can't see how to get from where you are to where you want to be, you will benefit from a personal coach - someone who's been where you are and successfully broken through the barriers to the next level.

That's what I do.

Help people just like you get to the next level.

Lest I come off sounding like a know it all - you should know I'm a student myself:  Student of life, Bible, Jesus, faith, business, investing, finance, entepreneurship, management, leadership, philosophy and human potential.

I've started and developed a number of businesses, some very successfully and others not so well (and boy did I learn a lot from the not so wells...).  I've managed large groups and large projects both as employee and as a consultant.  I'm a widowed father of three children, a business owner, entepreneur, Sunday school teacher (occasionally) and most recently an orphan.

I love God, Jesus, life, kids, family and friends and believe most of what we need to know to live extraordinary lives is in Scripture - if we'll look hard enough to discern it.

One thing that sets me apart from most other coaches:  I'm a student of what works and what doesn't work - I'm an observer and a collector.  I study what works and collect stories, ideas, quotations, techniques, tests, self-tests, values, principles, aptitudes and a host of other things I've found useful to succeed in life and things I've found it best to avoid altogether in life.

I'm a (self-professed) "balanced high achiever" and (I'm told) a natural mentor.

I'm passionate about learning, personal development, discovering and doing God's Will and helping people discover their strengths, core values, mission and purposes in life. 

My business goal and passion is to help others discover, develop and achieve their Godly goals.

Your success REQUIRES a worthy purpose and can NOT come at the expense of balance, nor can it be achieved without using your faith as your steering wheel.

I've learned I teach best those who want to learn.  I have a sense of humor about myself and expect my clients to at least consider having a willingness to laugh about themselves, too.

I bring a number of tools to your benefit depending on your specific needs.  More specifically:  an organized collection of important questions designed to help guide you toward:

  • Discerning and using your spiritual gifts
  • Discerning and using your natural aptitudes
  • Recognizing, ranking and living your core values
  • Discerning and developing your financial competence
  • Developing and living a personal mission
  • Identifying curable weaknesses in attitude and self image and implementing corrective actions
  • Getting organized, focused and acting on goals 
  • Identifying and mitigating personal weaknesses
  • A pc based tool for organizing and achieving your goals, GoalMind™
  • Finding and landing your dream job
  • Developing career goals, writing resumes, geting noticed and selected in a "What's in it for me?", "Give it all to me now!", excessive information society
  • Dealing with difficult people inside and outside the corporation

I'm familiar with and use many tools to help identify your strengths and interests:  Myers Briggs tests, DISC assessments, Formally Scored Aptitude testing, Spiritual Gifts assessments, Learning Style assessments, Intelligence tests, Emotional IQ tests, Listening Style assessments and a host of other "self awareness" instruments.  If you've already taken them, we'll use them as guides to your identifying your Godly purposes.  If not, I have many colleagues who offer them - should these become something you value.

I'm happy to work with a wide variety of cultures, attitudes and behaviors, but do not deal with clinical psychological problems.  If you've got one or more of those, I have a referral network of licensed counselors I can recommend.

If you'd like to discuss becoming a client, please email us by clicking HERE.

The initial consult to decide whether we want to work together is FREE.  We'll spend as long as it takes for both of us to decide whether we want to work together.

After that all consultations are for fixed times and at fixed prices payable in advance by credit card.

I work primarily by phone but will entertain other options if they make sense.

I look forward to the opportunity to speak with you.

And whether we work together or not, remember:  God Made You.  On Purpose.  Live the Plan!

In Him,


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