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What Are You Doing Here?

Are You Actively Searching For:

• A goal planning tool that aligns with Biblical Truth?
• A way to help you discover and accomplish God's Purposes in your life?
• Practical counsel about career choice, financial planning, health, wealth and happiness?
• A way to make a difference for God with your life?
• Ways to help you identify and remove stumbling blocks in your life?

Do You:

• Already understand the value of goal setting and planning?
• Believe Jesus set the pattern for ultimate Godly goal setting and achievement?
• Believe the Bible is man's BEST source for Truth about thinking and living well?
• Want more than just "stuff" in your life?
• Insist that counsel and life tools must align with God's Will?

Are You Willing To:

• Look hard and honestly at yourself?
• Commit the time to make some plans?
• Hold me accountable for the legitimacy of my claims?
• Work through planning details?
• Invest your time and money for guaranteed results? 

Then Congratulations!  Let's Get Started.

Are you confident in your answers to the following questions?

What Are Your Purposes In Life?

If you want to discover your giftedness, God's purposes in your life, and begin setting some goals to achieve them, you've come to the right place.  If you've spent time researching goal setting tools, goals and achievement, goal planning software, mission, success and purpose, and you find yourself frustrated because what you've found focuses SOLELY on stuff... you're going to be especially pleased.
I believe you'll be pleased and make this statement boldly because for you to have made it to this point in life and on this page, proves your sincere desire to become what God created you to become.   As you will soon discover - I was called to create this business, this website and the software and tools I'll describe to you later as part of my life's purpose:  To help as many people as possible to discover, pursue and achieve God's Will in their lives.   And while I recognize that we all require STUFF to get through our days, I also understand it's clearly NOT what's MOST important.  Loving God with all our heart, mind, soul and strength is most important.  Discovering God's purpose for your life helps you do just that:  Honor Him.
GoalMind.net exists to help and encourage all of God's children in our pursuit of the glorious, joyful life He created for us before time began.

Are Your Purposes Really All That Important?

Think about it. Your genetic combination, personality, aptitudes, spiritual gifts, experiences, interests, strengths and weaknesses are unlike any other human being that ever was or ever will be. Your possibilities and God's purposes for your life were envisioned before the first human ever walked the face of the earth, and here you are - wondering what to do with all that's you.
If your Creator went to all the trouble to make you exactly the way you are, doesn't it follow that He made big plans to fit you into His master plan?

So... Who Created Your Purposes and What's Your Design?

Let me just lay it out for you....
God designed you very carefully.  Created you on purpose to accomplish some common, not so common and some incredible things for His glory and your joy and well being. Your job on this earth is to discover and do them! 

Now, What Will You Do About It?

If you’ve made it to this sentence, I’m betting you want to discover and do those wonderful and marvelous things...

Are You Living Your Utmost For His Highest?

What's holding you down, keeping you back, tripping you up and keeping you in the dark?
That's no secret either.
Almost as powerfully as God wants you to draw near to Him and accomplish His dreams for you, His nemesis wants just the opposite. 
Whatever you call him - Satan, Iblis, Beelzebub, Lucifer, Rahu, Gog, Magog, Yang, Bubba - he wants you to be angry, beat down, beat up, beat to pieces, busy, confused, disorganized, disempowered, focused on stuff, envious, frustrated, ignorant, irritable, lust filled, poor, tired,  scared, sick, stinky, uneducated and believing that you just need a lucky break for your long, lost ship to come in.

Probably Not...

God's given His nemesis more or less free reign in the world for a while so that you may prove and develop yourself for the eternal plans He's prepared for you when your time comes.

How Do I Know All This?

I'm a student. A student of the Bible and life. A student of myself and of others. Of truth, success, failure, struggle, determination, persistence, clear headedness and results. My passion is learning how to discover God's purpose in my life, pursue it and teach others what works, what works well, what doesn't work and how to get onto the path God designed for each of us.
As I've grown older, I've become absolutely convinced that every single human being possesses vastly more potential than we ever even attempt to discover. It's certainly true of me. No matter how much I tackle, I sense I'm barely scratching the surface of my potential. I'm 99.9% confident the same may be said of you. I believe with all my heart, mind and soul that one of my purposes on this planet is to convince you of this fact and help you figure out how to get rid of what's blocking you from discovering and achieving your Godly purposes.  Then provide you with truth, tools and techniques (in that order) to energetically pursue your Godly purposes.

How Will This Help You?

The products and services we offer and will develop over time are all designed with God's Will for your life as their foundation and energy source. Our goal is to produce tools, “life management tools” if you will, to equip the greatest number of God's people to seek and achieve His will for their lives, as quickly as possible, with the best possible results at the least possible cost.

Don't Take My Word For It!

If you don't believe me - That's good. We're not looking for easy marks or get rich quick schemes. This business is about seeking, finding and proving the truth. For you and for us in the belief that the Truth will set us free. If you're not especially enamored with a Biblical approach to life management, that's OK. I've made my decision that Jesus Christ IS The Truth and will gladly share my reasoning, but I bear no malice to truth whatever its source. Winston Churchill summed up the truth quite handily. He said, "The truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it and ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is."

I am convinced and stand ready to defend the belief that setting and pursuing morally sound, Biblically wise, unselfish, clear, specific, measurable, achievable and integral goals across all areas of life is key to discovering and achieving our Godly purposes with balance and joy. Our trademark, GoalMind™, and our flagship product of the same name symbolize this. While I don't believe our minds are "everything", I do believe that training and habitual positive transformation of our minds is one of the most important pursuits we may undertake to begin understanding ourselves and our physical, spiritual, mental and emotional relationship to others.

Live Your Values!

At the foundation of GoalMind.net you’ll find our core values: God, Family, Health and Work - in that order.

By "in that order" I mean – We evaluate every possibility that crosses our path according to these values, in the order listed. Does this opportunity honor God, support or protect our family, contribute or hamper our health, and does it fall within the purposes we believe God's designed for this business? If not, we’re probably NOT going to tackle it.

So... If you're trying to get some of our time and we struggle with schedule, we hope you'll understand. If not, we love you anyway.

Take Your Time.

Meanwhile, spend some time familiarizing yourself with our products and services. Read my Blog, sign up for our emails and newsletters and take your time about deciding whether you want to do business with us or not. We're proud of what we've developed, but understand that each product and service serves a specific need at a specific time in life. What's appropriate for one person, may not be a good fit for all. What's appropriate now, may make little sense five years from now.

Put Us To The Test.

If you're not sure, consider giving our "stuff" a test run. Everything except personal coaching comes with a "no quibbling", money-back guarantee. Even the coaching has a "failsafe" built into it. At this point in my life, I've become selective about who I'll work with and don't want your money if we won't both benefit from your investing it. We're not here to take your money if we're not providing a lot more value than the price we ask. In fact, we elected to operate a "for profit" business instead of a "not-for-profit" mission only after discovering clearly that people simply don't value “free stuff” for long.

See What We're All About.

If you want to get a little inspiration and some humor at my expense, sign up for the “Twenty-One Secrets of Mental Renewal” series, and see how I discovered the value of mental renewal.

Or, sit down with one of our CDs, get ready to listen and achieve things you may never have dreamed possible.

Stop Thinking You Can't and Learn How You Can.

If you or a loved one grind your way through life habitually thinking one way and expecting results that disagree with your core thoughts and beliefs, read on....

Do you get up in the morning, begin your routine and run it all day long every day only to fall hopelessly tired into bed at night to get a few hours of rest only to start it all over tomorrow?

Have you tried every fad diet and fitness program, yet you're still right where you were when you started - maybe even worse off?

Are you angry at yourself?
• Frustrated?
• Guilty?
• Tired?
• Anxious?
• Depressed?
• Unfulfilled?

Think Yourself Well.

Has the thought occurred to you even once that maybe your problems or lack of real, sustainable progress aren't just a matter of luck? Or just about what you do? That maybe your problems and lack of progress begin with what you think?

Whether the thought's occurred to you or not, it can and WILL change your life if you'll embrace it and put it to work.  Changing my thoughts certainly changed my life.

More than twenty years ago, I discovered the power of thought habits and became excited about the possibilities for changing my life and results from the inside out. I took a hard, honest look at myself and frankly didn't like much of what I discovered. With truth in hand, I began experimenting with intentionally changing what I thought about God, family, marriage, fatherhood, eating, fitness, exercise and every other area of my life and life's purpose.

Go For God's Plan For Your Life.

Slowly but surely, my life started changing. Changing for the better.
From believing myself a helpless victim of circumstance and limited potential, I began to see myself as someone who could earnestly pursue God's will for my life AND set goals AND achieve them in spite of an incredible amount of conditioning to the contrary. As I began to experience the confidence and success, I dug deeper into Scripture and discovered the incredible breadth and depth of its power to transform my life into one literally filled with joy, peace, action, achievement and balance. The "peace that passes all understanding" isn't just a pretty piece of prose, and it isn't impossible to attain. Even when life delivers its worst blows!

If any of this strikes a chord with you, let the Temple Rebuild Series from our Mental Renewal™ Audio programs help you reconsider and rebuild your thoughts and thinking quickly, safely and reliably with Biblical principles for living and self-awareness.

Choose Your Thoughts.  Renew Your Mind!

Mental Renewal Audio Programs take Paul's injunction to heart and gives it legs and wings. Whether you want to kick your life up a notch, break a lifetime of fear, anxiety, failed attempts or unacceptable results - Mental Renewal Audio programs can help.

Each carefully crafted audio program targets common self-limiting thoughts and beliefs, provides biblically based replacements for them and speeds up your desired behavior changes by tackling behaviors at their root - in your thoughts.
"Be transformed by the renewing of your mind" - Romans 12:2 (NIV)

100 % Money Back Guarantee
If you aren't completely satisfied, get a full refund for 6 months!!

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